Why join the CEB?

As you would have been able to read on our About us pages, we are a multilateral development bank with a unique social mandate. This focus is what makes us different, and it is also what will make working for us a unique and rewarding career choice. Join us at the CEB and discover how to apply your skills and experience to make a difference.

1. Give meaning to your work

With our unique social mandate, the CEB contributes to the social cohesion and sustainable development of our 43 member states. Join us and let your everyday working life ultimately contribute to building a better Europe for all its citizens.

2. Be part of an international environment

Edge_Seal_Assess_English_72From Limerick to Bratislava, our work across Europe means you will source, analyse and recommend projects that help us to fulfil our mission. While our offices are in Paris, our team is naturally multi-national and will provide you with a richly diverse and stimulating multi-cultural work environment.

Furthermore, we have attained the first level of the EDGE Certification, an international certification recognising our focus on achieving gender equality at the CEB.

3. Develop professionally across multiple areas of responsibility

If you cast a glance at our Projects page, you will quickly notice that we are active in many areas of economic activity. While these are all ultimately aimed at promoting social cohesion, you might be surprised to discover that we are involved not only in areas such as social housing and infrastructure, but that we also invest in energy efficiency, microfinance and education programmes.


“The CEB invests in things that matter, giving me the opportunity to work on projects with high social impact.”

Jasmina, Principal Country Manager

Our team is smaller than some of our peers therefore as an employee, you will find that you will be able to apply your professional skills and experience to a higher number of areas of our decision-making process. In all this, team work is a necessity and we will provide you with support and training to grow your area of competence and your network. 

Ultimately, this will allow you to be better equipped to help us deliver on our mission. 

4. Living and working in Paris

Paris is a wonderful city but we recognise that any move to a new base involves adjusting to a variety of changes. We offer an attractive relocation package and settling-in allowance to cover costs of travel and removal of household effects for our staff members and their eligible dependents.

Staff-Management dialogue is important and for this reason, we have a Staff Committee to represent our staff’s interests at key managerial and administrative meetings. 

We strongly support flexi-work arrangements (part-time and tele-working), also offering a social dimension to our staff with our sports associations which include Yoga, Karate, Football, Running, etc.


“Working at the CEB enables me to keep a good work-life balance thanks to my involvement in the Sports Association at the Bank on one hand and my outside arts hobbies on the other hand.”

Richard, Accountant

Having time to recharge is important. In addition to French and CEB specific public holidays, our staff members benefit from 32 days annual leave per year and the Bank also provides expatriate staff with an extra 8 days of leave, and paid travel to their home country with their family, every 2 years. 

5. Benefits

As an international organisation, our aim is to offer our employees a total benefits package that is compelling and competitive. On the financial front, the CEB enjoys a special status which means that our staff members receive their salaries free of income tax. In addition to this, our offer includes allowances for household and dependent children, and medical and personal insurance. Our expatriate staff receive allowances for expatriation and education of their children. Finally, all of our staff members benefit from a generous contributory pension plan which provides them with either a pension or a leaving allowance.