The social development bank in Europe

All CEB loans are granted in accordance with the Bank’s mandate. They have to meet specific technical and social criteria, and be in strict conformity with the Bank’s environmental, procurement and compliance guidelines and policies.

The sectoral lines of action underpin the CEB’s three-year development plan, which forms the Bank’s medium term strategy. The four lines of action set out in the Development Plan for the period 2014-2016 (namely: Strengthening social integration; Managing the environment; Supporting public infrastructure with a social; vocation; Supporting micro-, small and medium sized enterprises) were revised in three (namely: Sustainable and inclusive growth; Integration of refugees, displaced persons and migrants; Climate action: developing mitigation and adaptation measures) as part of the Development Plan 2017-2019, corresponding to the new strategic priorities established by the CEB to better support the social policies of its member countries.

Latest projects approved:

DateBorrowerLine of actionAmountSummary
15/06/2018City of Vantaa (Finland)Sustainable and inclusive growth€ 60 000 000Increase of the existing loan by €60 million (to a total amount of €120 million) to part-finance investments in social infrastructures, including the construction of new and supplementary buildings as well as the restoration, and mostly renovation, of existing facilities. Final beneficiaries will include a large numbers of the City of Vantaa’s population representing different age and society groups including certain vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, immigrants and refugees, as well as children, school pupils, teachers, hospitals’ patients, inhabitants attending cultural events or libraries, persons practising sport activities and families.
15/06/2018PerMicro SpA (Italy)Sustainable and inclusive growth
Integration of refugees, displaced persons and migrants
€ 7 000 000Sub-projects within two microcredit products
15/06/2018Pekao Leasing Sp. z o.o (Poland)Sustainable and inclusive growth€ 150 000 000Eligible investments undertaken by MSMEs operating in a wide range of sectors including construction, wholesale trade, industry and manufacturing, retail or agriculture. Final beneficiaries will be the employees of eligible MSMEs as well as job seekers throughout the country who will benefit from stable employment.
15/06/2018Region of Podlaskie (Poland)Sustainable and inclusive growth€ 66 666 667Public sector Financing Facility to part-finance investment projects for the construction of new roads as well as renovation of existing ones, replacement of the fleet of regional diesel-engined buses and the modernisation, extension and improvement of regional hospital facilities and specialised units. Final beneficiaries will be the inhabitants of the Region of Podlaskie who will benefit from an upgraded road network and improved healthcare infrastructure throughout the region.
15/06/2018Empresa de Desenvolvimento e Infra-estructuras do Alqueva S.A (Portugal)Climate action: developing adaptation and mitigation measures€ 45 000 000Investments within the Alqueva Multi-Purpose Project (EFMA) which foresees the installation of floating solar plants to power water pumping stations in the South East of Portugal, with the aim of reducing energy costs and the environmental footprint of EDIA’s irrigation systems. Final beneficiaries will be farmers using the Borrower’s energy and cost saving irrigation systems and, more in general, the Portuguese population who will benefit from a cleaner environment as a result of the reduction in carbon emissions.
15/06/2018Instituição Financeira de Desenvolvimento S.A (Portugal)Sustainable and inclusive growth
Climate action: developing adaptation and mitigation measures
€ 100 000 000Investments in innovation and technology as well as in renewable and efficient energy to enhance the sustainability, energy efficiency, growth and creation and preservation of viable jobs in MSMEs. Final beneficiaries will be the employees of eligible MSMEs as well as job seekers throughout the country who will benefit from the creation and maintenance of short-term as well as permanent jobs.
15/06/2018Republic of Moldova (Republic of Moldova)Sustainable and inclusive growth€ 12 000 000Upgrading of the emergency services’ fleet at the National Centre for Pre-Hospital Emergency Care (NCPHEC) consisting of the procurement of 168 new ambulances. The final beneficiaries will be the inhabitants of the Republic of Moldova who will benefit from upgraded and improved availability of emergency care assistance. Those populations residing furthest away from medical institutions, mainly those in remote and rural areas, will benefit particularly from the project.
15/06/2018Roma Education Fund (Romania)Integration of refugees, displaced persons and migrants€ 2 000 000The loan will be used by the REF to bridge finance three European Social Fund (ESF) funded programmes (50% of the CEB loan) and one EEA/Norway Grants programme (50% of the CEB loan). The programme loan will contribute to improved Roma access to quality education, a drop in early school leaving, updated and adapted school teaching methods and awareness rising among pupils’ parents. Final beneficiaries will be early education children, primary and secondary education pupils, parents and teachers.
15/06/2018Bratislavská vodárenská spoločnosť a.s. (Bratislava Water Company) (Slovak Republic)Climate action: developing adaptation and mitigation measures€ 50 000 000New constructions and renovations related to water production and supply as well as investments in maintenance, repair and extension of sewage systems. Final beneficiaries will be the inhabitants of the Bratislava region and parts of the Trnava and Trenčín regions. Altogether, some 721 000 people will benefit from the maintenance and improvement of both water production and distribution and wastewater collection and treatment.
15/06/2018Banco Santander SA (Spain)Climate action: developing adaptation and mitigation measures€ 200 000 000Construction of renewable energy plants such as photovoltaic, wind and biomass power plants aiming to improve protection of the environment and to reduce CO2 emissions. Final beneficiaries will be Spanish citizens who will benefit from better air quality resulting from a reduction in air pollutant emissions as well as job seekers throughout the country who will benefit from the creation of direct and indirect jobs.
15/06/2018Comunidad Autonoma de Madrid (Spain)Sustainable and inclusive growth€ 200 000 000Public sector Financing Facility to part-finance public budgetary expenses on social care programmes, specifically expenditure related to the provision of goods and services: to the elderly for the maintenance and upgrade of care homes, day centres and apartments as well as home support services; to mentally and/or physically disabled persons: for the maintenance and upgrade of residential care centres and day centres, specialised assistance and activities improving the quality of life and integration; to social canteens providing meal services to homeless persons and to provide support to victims of gender violence through awareness programmes, assistance and temporary accommodation. Final beneficiaries will be vulnerable people such as the elderly, people with mental and/or physical disabilities, homeless persons and victims of gender violence.
16/03/2018SG Equipment Finance Czech Republic s.r.o. (Czech Republic)Sustainable and inclusive growth€ 100 000 000Productive investments in MSMEs to support job creation and preservation. The loan will also improve living conditions in urban and rural areas through part-financing investments related to the expansion and modernisation of local public transportation. Final beneficiaries will be employees of MSMEs, unemployed job-seekers as well as inhabitants of the concerned municipalities and regions across the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.
16/03/2018City of Turku (Finland)Sustainable and inclusive growth€ 50 000 000Renovation, refurbishment and extension of existing facilities, as well as the construction of new buildings in the City of Turku. Final beneficiaries will be children, young people, families, students, teaching staff, residents using municipal premises, the elderly, as well as people with disabilities and senior citizens living in serviced apartments.
16/03/2018Hungarian Development Bank (MFB) (Hungary)Sustainable and inclusive growth€ 75 000 000Investments in MSMEs to support the creation and preservation of jobs, via the enhancement of innovation and supplier activity and investments in environmental, health and rural development. Living conditions will be improved through the development of municipal- and public transport infrastructure. As for protecting the environment, the loan will contribute to the funding of renewable energy production. Moreover, it will part-finance the activities of the Student Loan Centre, facilitating access to preferential funding for students in Hungary. Final beneficiaries will be MSMEs employees, job-seekers, people living in Central Hungary or the Great Plain region, farmers and students enrolled in the higher education system across Hungary.
16/03/2018Siauliu Bankas (Lithuania)Sustainable and inclusive growth€ 15 000 000Improvement and renovation of municipal infrastructure, with a particular focus on energy-efficiency measures in the sectors of education, culture and health. Final beneficiaries will be the inhabitants of the concerned municipalities who will benefit from improved municipal buildings and public services at the lowest possible cost.
16/03/2018Nederlandse Waterschapsbank N.V. (NWB Bank) (Netherlands)Climate action: developing adaptation and mitigation measures€ 300 000 000Some 50 sub-projects expected to contribute to improving living conditions of inhabitants across the country, through enhanced and updated public infrastructure. Municipal and provincial authorities as well as government related institutions with activities in social housing, education, healthcare, water and energy-efficiency will benefit from the loan. Final beneficiaries will be low-income households and vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, people with disabilities, homeless persons, migrants and refugees, children and young people.
16/03/2018Raiffeisen Leasing Serbia d.o.o. (Serbia)Sustainable and inclusive growth€ 20 000 000Investments undertaken by MSMEs to support job creation and preservation throughout Serbia. Final beneficiaries will be the employees of MSMEs and job seekers.
16/03/2018ProCredit Bank a.d. (Serbia)Sustainable and inclusive growth€ 30 000 000Programme Loan is to promote job creation and economic growth by supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Serbia.
16/03/2018Nuevo Microbank (ex Microbank) (Spain)Supporting micro, small and medium-sized enterprises
Integration of refugees, displaced persons and migrants
€ 100 000 000Partial financing of MicroBank's lending to microbusinesses and individuals, such as immigrants and other persons with limited access to credit with the aim of job creation and enhancing social cohesion.
26/01/2018Partner Microcredit Foundation (Bosnia and Herzegovina)Sustainable and inclusive growth€ 2 500 000Partial financing of eligible sub-projects located throughout BiH, focused on energy efficiency investments.